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Twin-Town Relations

Budakeszi maintains vivid, active, regular, and almost every-day international relations. Some of them are relationships between offices, schools, churches and social associations.


Budakeszi signed a twin-town relationship agreement with Neckarsulm (Germany) in 1993. The relationship was initiated by the Budakesser Gemeinschaft (Budakeszi People Association), comprising the ethnic Germans deported from Budakeszi in 1946, and by the Budakeszi Tradition Maintenance Circle. The relationship is targeted to maintain and support the human, inter-self-governmental, cultural and economic ties between the two towns.


For more informaiton click on: www.neckarsulm.de


The Aesthetics Development Association signed a cultural and urban improvement cooperation agreement with the town of Delbrück-Westenholz (Germany). This agreement was developed into a twin-town relationship in 1996. The attention and the activity of the two towns focus on maintaining the traditions of urban construction and the historical architectural culture, protecting the environment, and maintaining cultural relations.

For more information click on: www.stadt-delbrueck.de


With regard to Csíkszereda (Romania), a tight relationship emerged between the Catholic churches of Budakeszi and Csíktapolca in 1992. The two towns became twin-towns in 1996.

The aim of the relationship is to promote direct contact between the social, healthcare, educational, cultural, economic and trade organisations. The two towns promote a children exchange program for holidays, cultural, art and sports program, as well as tourism.

For more information click on:   http://clmc.topnet.ro


With regard to Beregdéda (Ukraine) it was our culture centers and music schools that tightened relations. They had cultural and sports relations as of 1994 that were later developed into a twin-town relationship in 1996. The relationship focuses on education, culture, linquistic and historical traditions, sports, and environmental protection.


The relationship between Sankt Margarethen an Raab (Austria) and Budakeszi was launched by the sport clubs of the two towns. This tie, however, is being further developed by the two clubs regularly visiting each other. An exchange of visits between the Herceg Dance Group and the St. Margarethen men’s choir further deepens this relationship.


As a result of expanding relations between Budakeszi and its twin-towns, the settlement now benefits from the new tradition of student exchange programs, between, e.g. the Neckarsulm-based Johannes-Haussler-Schule and the Budakeszi István Széchenyi Elementary School, as well as the ones established between Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium and Ottokár Prohászka Catholic High School.


Our relations towards the East have brought about other ties with schools, such as the one between the Csíkszereda-based Áron Márton High School and the Ottokár Prohászka Catholic High School, or the one between the Nagyvárad-based Ady Lyceum and Sándor József Nagy High School. The schools regularly organise student exchange programs.


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